About these sessions

Mungo Dunnett Associates have for some years run Masterclass sessions for senior leadership in the independent schools sector.  We have adopted the same format for the HE sector, allowing us to bring our consulting experience from the business and schools sectors to bear, as relevant, on the issues being faced by the country’s HEIs.

Each one-day session covers a topic chosen in advance as being one of particular current relevance to universities. This will be a specific topic, rather than a vague and generalised issue. The day will comprise extensive, practical discussion on the topic, featuring extensive case studies (anonymous where necessary), answering delegates’ questions comprehensively, encouraging debate around the table and providing delegates with clear, implementable ideas to take back to their institution.

The sessions are deliberately limited to a maximum of 24 participants, to allow this depth of round-table discussion. Delegate spaces for evening sessions are charged at £250 each (plus VAT).



  • The new job market: fluidity, models of employment and self-employment, and the skills and attitudes necessary for success in the twenty first century workplace
  • Patterns of success and failure: the type of behaviours exhibited by young adults in the workplace, and the ways in which they have not been adequately prepared
  • What employers say: how their dissatisfaction with new recruits is altering their recruitment criteria
  • The traits and practices employers want: specific examples of behaviours suited to the new job market; what employers call ‘business intelligence’


This evening session was delivered on the following date:

London, Wednesday 26 February 2020