“Mungo Dunnett Associates recently completed a detailed research project on our behalf. We are increasingly taking a data-driven approach to guide our communications campaigns. Although the sector is rich in data, it can be challenging to unpick the nuances of complex problems. We have previously utilised well-known information channels, such as application statistics, UCAS reports and focus groups, but through their in-depth and intensive approach, Mungo Dunnett Associates were able to deliver a much deeper and fuller report. Their final report contained insights that we had not been able to discover from other methods and importantly, offered a number of useful actions. They are a highly professional, approachable and knowledgeable agency. We look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Jane Britton
Director of Communications and Participation
University of Worcester

“The professionalism with which Mungo Dunnett Associates undertook the qualitative research they recently completed for Lady Margaret Hall was exemplary. What we found out from this research will allow us to better plan and execute our alumni engagement strategy and also gives us insights into how alumni feel about the current strategic direction of the college. Whilst alumni comments are anonymous, having verbatim quotes really personalises the responses and has given us a new perspective on an area of college activity we are keen to continuously improve and develop.”

Tim Pottle
Director of Development
Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford

“Many thanks indeed for the work you carried out for the University. During the process I was very impressed by the promptness and efficiency of your work and your dogged determination in the face of some practical challenges. Your report was thorough and clear. As well as confirming some of our expectations in terms of the market in which we are operating, you unearthed a number of extremely valuable insights which have given us food for thought and the means for developing a properly informed and more focused plan of action for effective engagement with key stakeholder schools and colleges. It was a pleasure to work with you personally. You came highly recommended and I would in turn certainly recommend your work to any institution in search of detailed and nuanced, warts-and-all insights into the hearts and minds of their stakeholders.”

Andrew Linn
Pro Vice-Chancellor, Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities
University of Westminster

“The report by Mungo Dunnett Associates on the experiences of current and former students of St Benet’s Hall has identified most valuable perspectives of affirmation, challenge and critique for our continuing communal self-assessment and strategic planning. At St Benet’s we are committed to the formation of persons in a vibrant and diverse community of academic excellence and mutual respect. Hence, we need clear and realistic insights into how our efforts have been received by our students and how we can improve.”

Prof Werner G Jeanrond
Master of St Benet’s Hall
University of Oxford

“As a relatively new entrant into the market we spend (and have spent) a considerable amount of time and effort understanding what motivates our prospective student, their parents and school counsellors. In this regard, Mungo Dunnett Associates’ (MDA) input has been invaluable. Working over two phases – firstly with school counsellors and secondly with enrolled students and non-enrolled prospects – MDA conducted a series of interviews aimed at understanding the motivations and barriers that influence the choice of territory education provider. The interviews were conducted in a professional and timely manner and produced a huge amount of information. On its own this would have been a valuable exercise, but the real value added by MDA was the fact that they produced a synthesis of this information and a number of action points. Clear, coherent and tangible conclusions are a scarce resource and one that MDA can supply. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Martin Smith
Executive Dean
New College of the Humanities

“Having entered academia from a business background, I was keen to know what factors influenced the decision making process of our main customers – our students and their families. In an increasingly competitive HE sector, this knowledge is essential if universities are going to refine their offer and attract students and the income that they bring. By working with MDA we were able to gain this knowledge and, as we worked with them, it was clear that they were able to work with us to provide the support and specific insight that we required. As a result we have challenged and changed our thinking, helping us to attract more students, and to improve their experience whilst studying with us.”

Professor John Brewer
Head of School of Sport, Health & Applied Science
St Mary’s University, Twickenham

“The report presented to us by Mungo has offered valuable insight into LSBU’s reputation with a selection of local schools and colleges. It has given the Outreach and Engagement team an indication of areas of improvement in its reputation management with feeder institutions and an opportunity to develop stronger and more meaningful contact moving forwards. This work will enable the wider team to have a greater impact in its key local boroughs.”

Emily Rubython
Senior Manager, Market Research and Insight
London South Bank University

“Mungo Dunnett Associates recently completed a research project for us with independent schools. We were very impressed with the whole service provided, which was delivered very professionally. We felt very confident having Mungo represent NTU on this project and we would not hesitate to commission more research. Mungo is an expert in the schools sector and was a very valuable source of knowledge and fully understood exactly what we needed from the research. The delivery of the findings was presented and communicated very well to the team involved at NTU. I look forward to working with Mungo and his team in the future on a variety of HE projects.”

Kim Winter
Market Research Manager
Nottingham Trent University

“We approached Mungo Dunnett Associates to conduct research on our behalf because of their excellent experience in working with Schools which was exactly the type of knowledge and expertise that we were seeking to aid us in gaining a better understanding of our customers’ views and needs. Mungo Dunnett Associates helped us by undertaking qualitative research which provided a rich vein of information and market intelligence that we would have otherwise have found very difficult to have gained an insight into. Of particular value was the concise and insightful way in which the research results were fed back to us, providing a richness in content and detail, aiding us in identifying what some of the key issues were and what steps we might take as an institution to improve our market positioning and gain an advantage in the student recruitment market. We found the experience of working with Mungo Dunnett Associates very straightforward and of great value and would recommend their services to others looking for similar work to be undertaken.”

Alan McLachlan
Assistant Director (Recruitment, Admissions & Administration)
Edinburgh Napier University

“Mungo Dunnett Associates have demonstrated an ability to apply their expertise to a broad range of challenges. In their approach they have demonstrated detailed understanding of the challenges faced by the sector and a culturally empathetic approach that maximises engagement with stakeholders not frequently exposed to this quality of marketing expertise.”

Martin Holmes
Marketing Director
University of Leeds